The Making Center will be open through Monday May 16 before closing for maintenance May 17 - June 5. Students should begin removing belongings from storage and open space as remaining materials and projects in MC spaces will be discarded or reused/recycled beginning Tuesday May 17.

E4 Wood Shop Approved Material List

This is a list of approved materials permitted for use within the E4 Wood Shop.

Any material not on the list must be approved before it may be used in the facilities. Before purchasing a material not listed get a MSDS. These sheets contain important information about handling, storage, safety needs, and disposal of the material. Materials must be approved by the E4 Facilities Manager.

Water Based Contact Cement, Wood Glue

Ready Patch, Vinyl Spackle, Wood Putty

Tooling Board (Renshape)

Hardwood, MDF, Masonite, Plywood