Fall 2023 – End of Semester cleanout

DECEMBER 5, 2023

As we approach the end of the Fall 2023 semester we’d like to remind students to please clear out all personal projects, materials, and supplies from the Making Center and all classroom spaces before winter break. This includes any items stored in the open storage areas.

The last day for open task time in labs, studios, and shops will be Friday, December 15th. However, Making Center spaces will be open for students to be able to pick up their work through Sunday, December 17th.

All items must be removed from Making Center spaces by the end of the day on Sunday, December 17th. We will be discarding all items left after this date so that we may prepare the Making Center for the Spring semester.

You can learn more about the Making Center’s hours of operation and any other updates here. For questions regarding specific materials or left items, please reach out to staff in the appropriate lab, shop or studio.

Thank you for helping us maintain safe, clean, and orderly making and learning spaces.

Best Wishes,
The Making Center