Access and Orientation

While select Making Center spaces continue to hold Fall 2021 in-person orientations, most scheduled sessions are complete. Open task time is being prioritized in shops and labs to meet very high demand leading up to finals. Please use the Waitlist form to express need for additional/future orientation sessions.

Step 1: Take the General Making Center Orientation (online) All students are required to take the general Making Center orientation online before accessing equipment. Sign onto the Making Center Trainings and Authorizations course page using your New School login and complete the “General Orientation” module.

Step 2: Complete online orientations for specific labs/shops/studios or equipment

Students who require the use of specific tools and facilities to complete coursework or projects should take these orientations, which cover health and safety protocols for spaces and equipment. Most labs, shops, and studios offer hybrid orientations that will include an online component on Canvas, and a hands-on portion that students will be required to complete before gaining access. Once you have completed the General Making Center orientation (at the link above), you will be able to access and complete the following online orientation modules on Canvas: 

  • 3D Lab: Digital Tools 
  • CNC Shops: Digital Tools
  • E4 Metal Shop 
  • Fiber Arts Studio & Dye Lab 
  • Laser Lab: Digital Tools
  • L3 Resin Room 
  • N2 General Shop / Tier 1 wood orientation 
  • Risograph: Design Lab 
  • UC Sewing: General Orientation 
  • Vinyl Cutter: Design Lab  
  • Wet Shop: Ceramics 
  • Wet Shop: Casting 

Please keep in mind that due to capacity and staffing constraints, it may be necessary to prioritize – and potentially limit – some activities to provide access to as many students as possible. If you do not require immediate access to these spaces to complete coursework or projects, please consider holding off on scheduling, so that students completing capstone or thesis projects may access these spaces. We expect that capacity will increase as the semester progresses. 

Making Center orientations cover health and safety protocols for spaces and safe use of equipment. They are focused on helping students understand and respect shop tools and machines before they use them, but are not meant to teach technique, process, or to take the place of curriculum-based making instruction. If you’d like to learn how to MAKE something once you’ve completed the orientations, sign up for our ParsonsMakes workshops, starting late October 2021. 

If you are unable to access the online orientations via the links above, please contact  With all other questions about online orientations, please contact

Step 3: Schedule hands-on orientations (if required) for specific labs/shops/studios or equipment

Many labs/shops/studios require a hands-on orientation that students will be required to complete before gaining access. Instructions for how to schedule these sessions can be found at the end of each individual Canvas module. These will be available on a limited, pre-scheduled basis this fall, and priority will be given to students completing capstone or thesis projects. 

Before each visit to campus, make sure to follow the steps below:

Step 4:  Make sure your ongoing PCR testing is up to date.  After the initial entry test, both vaccinated and unvaccinated students are required to complete ongoing testing using the binx self-collection nasal swab test kits.  Log onto the SHS portal to make sure your testing is up to date in the system before each visit to campus.

Step 5:  Come work! Bring a face mask, and your New School ID with you to campus. Shops are currently open* with adjusted availability (see hours).

*Given a minimum staffing requirement to keep Making Center spaces open and safe to use, there may be emergencies that could cause cancellation or rescheduling of student reservations. Making Center staff will do our best to honor reservations but must respond to changes in staffing availability due to Covid-19 and other factors with the goal of ensuring the safety of our community members to the greatest extent possible under the circumstances. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding.


Course-Based Orientations

Course-based orientations (starting August 16, 2021):  Some courses for which access to spaces or equipment is essential to complete course objectives have been scheduled for orientations in advance of classes.   If you are enrolled in a course that has been identified for course-based orientations, the school will be in touch prior to the start of classes about the process and schedule.  Course-based orientations will begin the week of August 16th and will be offered for a few weeks.  Students will complete the general Making Center orientation online, followed by a hands-on component which will be scheduled in advance in consultation with the instructor. In some cases, students will attend these orientations with their entire class. In others, faculty and Making Center staff will direct students to sign up for pre-scheduled orientation slots in the various labs, shops and studios. Some classes will utilize mobile tool carts at the start of the semester, and will be oriented to Making Center shops later in the semester.