Equipment Checkout Availability

Equipment and tool checkouts are available for on or off-campus use for up to 1 day. For many Making Center resources, students must complete required orientations to become authorized to use equipment.

For all students, the following equipment and tools are available for check out. Orientations/prior authorizations are not required.

For students who have already gone through the mandatory orientation and necessary training, the following equipment and tools are available for check out:

Equipment Checkout Protocol

Step 1: Submit an online waiver (new students only). If you are a new student, you may need to submit your online waiver to gain access to the Patron Portal.

Step 2: Request the equipment or tool on the Patron Portal at Reservation requests must be made 48 hours in advance of coming to campus.

Step 3: Make a technician consultation (if required).  The Equipment Resource Center (ERC) and Specialty Sewing Lab require you to consult with technicians prior to checking out equipment. After your consultation has been completed, a technician will approve your reservation.  Other tool checkouts do not require technician consultations. 

Step 4: Pick up your equipment from the pickup location provided.

Feedback / Questions

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