Madison Koczo - Assistant Manager, Sewing and Soft Construction

Madison is a multidisciplinary artist and instructor. Graduating with a BFA in painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, her work uses figures and animals to explore the dismantling of memory. Aside from painting she has substantial knowledge in art history and experience in printmaking and sculpture (primarily clay, wood, and metal). She also received an accelerated fashion certificate from Made institute in Philadelphia, where she grew her experience in sewing, garment construction, and freelance fashion design/illustration. Madison continues to expand her mediums within the world of art and fashion. She is passionate about creating and maintaining safe spaces in education and work environments, never one to shy away from a difficult conversation in life or in her art. When she’s not making, Madison can mostly likely be found on her couch studying foreign language with her two cats Piper and Cheeto at her side.