Megan Stroech - Assistant Manager, Printmaking

Megan Stroech is a visual artist whose work explores the dichotomies between realness and imitation, image and object and common vs. luxury through references from pop culture, still life, and domestic spaces. Stroech constructs unfamiliar arrangements of low-grade, readily available materials, subverting conventional understanding of their utility in order to spur new conversation between them. Often utilizing¬†materials produced as cheap and attainable luxury items, such as Styrofoam food, and marble printed Contact paper, she seeks to invite the viewer to reference their own everyday experience, whether it is a connection to a specific material or a piece’s overall form.

Stroech received her MFA in Printmaking with Exceptional Merit from Illinois State University in 2012, and her BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin in 2008.