Wet Shops: Ceramics & Casting

Open to: all students who have taken the mandatory orientation
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, Lower Level   •   Summer Hours: Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM // Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Academic Year 2023-24 Update


Anything remaining on 5/18 will be discarded. 

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Summer Open Task Time: July 9th -August 1st
Tuesdays 1pm – 5pm
Wednesdays 1pm – 5pm
Thursdays 1pm – 5pm

Open Task Time (Spring and Fall Semesters):
Orientations run frequently in the beginning of the semester and taper off in frequency until midterms, to maximize access to the shops.  After midterms, orientations are no longer given; this will allow Open Task Time and shop resources to be directed towards curricular support. Please check the Wet Shops studio Calendar (see below) for scheduled open task time.

Shop Capacity*:

    • Ceramic side: 10 people
    • Casting side: 10 people

*When a class is using the shop as their scheduled classroom, or a faculty member has booked a Faculty Led In-Class Demo, the capacity will be temporarily increased to the current class size for the duration of the class / demonstration. No additional students may use the shop at this time.

** There can only be one class at a time in the Wet Shop. This means that if there is currently a class in the Ceramic area, the Casting area must remain empty, and vice versa.


Due to the shop capacities, we can no longer accommodate class walk-ins to our shop.

If you need to schedule a class demo, please do so by contacting both the Wet Shops email and the Assistant Manager, Lauren Phillips.
We ask that you give us at least two weeks notice.


Filling out The Outside Materials Request Form is required by all faculty and students who intend to bring in materials not supplied by the Ceramics and Wet Shop. This form asks for basic information related to each material and additionally outlines the Ceramics and Wet Shop’s policy for Faculty Material Storage.

All materials will be reviewed by shop staff. Said materials can not be brought into the shop without staff approval.
*We no longer accept outside clay requests*

Mandatory Orientation

A number of classes make use of the Wet Shop as a part of their curriculum.  We encourage students to enroll in a dedicated class to gain the skills they need to pursue ceramics or casting based work.

There are separate orientations for the Casting and Ceramics.
Both the Ceramics and Casting Shops are each using a hybrid orientation model consisting of a series of online presentations and quizzes hosted on Canvas, followed by an in-person component to be carried out by students within the space of each shop. 

Students who have taken the orientation in our shops in the past can skip the in-person element, but are still expected to take the online element. We ask that any faculty that have not previously been oriented, to please go through the orientation process as well.

To take these orientations, you must first complete the Making Center General Orientation: Here is the link to enroll

Orientations for Ceramics:
This includes general access to the shop and its associated materials, and the necessary equipment for hand-building.

Orientations for Casting:
This includes safety guidelines, and best working practices with the associated associated materials, along with an overview of any necessary equipment for Casting.

Once you have completed the online element in Canvas, you can click the private link on Libcal at the end of the module to sign up

Orientation Schedule

Orientations Have Paused until the Fall.
Please check Libcal or the Shop Calendar for updated times.

About the Wet Shops: Ceramics & Casting

Updated Shop Policies

Please see the following Documents to learn about our most up to date rules and protocols.

Shop Rules & Policies

Interruption Policy


Firing Policies

Kiln Firing Policies
Kiln Reject Policy
When Should you leave a Kiln Note for the Techs?
End of Fall 23 Semester Firing Deadlines for students not currently enrolled in Ceramics classes– please refer to the following table which includes a timeline featuring specific dates and firing deadlines to be aware of when working in Ceramics.

The Ceramic and Wet Shop is a facility dedicated to supporting art and design practices in ceramic and casting based processes. Other wet based processes are also supported in the wet studio portion of the facility – including mold making, concrete casting, silicone casting, wheel throwing, hand-building, slip casting, kiln glasswork, etc.

A number of classes make use of the Wet Shop as a part of their curriculum.  We encourage students to enroll in a dedicated class to gain the skills they need to pursue ceramics or casting based work.  We do allow students with prior experience or students engaging in self-directed learning to access the shop after taking the necessary safety orientation(s).  Please note that the shop staff is able to answer some questions, but is unable to provide demos or tutorials for individuals or classes.

MFA Students focusing on Ceramics for their Thesis: Second year MFA students who are currently (or previously) enrolled in a Ceramics course at Parsons, and are actively producing a Thesis where-in Ceramics play a significant role, now have access to certain resources outlined in the linked document. Students who need this access must give the Ceramic & Wet Shop reasonable notice through email by Monday September 25, for the Fall Semester. MFA Thesis Guidelines and Special Allowances 

Here is the link to our Web Store

Featured Equipment and Tools

  •  L&L Easy-Fire e28T-3 Kiln
  •  L&L EasyFire e18s-3 Kiln
  •  SKUTT Glazetech Kiln
  •  Shimpo RK-Whisper Pottery Wheel
  •  Brent CXC Pottery Wheel
  •  Diversi Tech DD-2×4 Downdraft Table
  •  Glaze Spray Booth
  •  Bailey Model Pro X Pottery Wheel
  •  Peter Pugger VPM-30 Vacuum Power Wedger
  •  Brent HD Extruder
  •  Band Saw
  •  7′ Heavy Duty Industrial Fume Extractor



Wet Shops: Ceramics & Casting Calendar

Safety Requirements

  • All students must wear protective clothing. Wear long pants, no shorts allowed.

    Required Protective Clothing

  • All students must wear protective footwear. No open-toe shoes, heels, or sneakers allowed.

    Required Protective Footwear

  • All students must wear a dust mask.

    Required Dust Mask

  • Hair must be tied back at all times.

    Hair Must Be Pulled Back