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L2/N2 Open Work Space

Machine Knitting Studio

Open to: all students currently enrolled in a knit course have access to this lab
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, 7th floor   •   PLEASE SEE CALENDAR BELOW.

Academic Year 2023-24 Update

Please note: Open task time in this studio is only available for students currently enrolled in a knit course. Special requests may be made through your Program Coordinator.

Mandatory Orientation

Students and faculty must respect lab technicians and student workers in order to use this facility. Technicians are not responsible for teaching techniques, advising on materials, or troubleshooting projects. Failure to adhere to policies and safety standards may result in limited usage of the lab.

About the Machine Knitting Studio

Please note that orientations will not be offered this semester. Access is limited to students who are currently enrolled in Machine Knitting courses.

The Machine Knitting Studio houses Silver Reed and Dubied machines. Located on the 7th floor within the L Building at 2 West 13th Street (building hours here). Room 711 is equipped with:

  • 8 Silver Reed SK280 Domestic Knitting Machines
  • 8 Silver Reed SK280 + Ribber Attachment Knitting Machines
  •  Dubied Industrial non-electric knitting machines in a variety of gauges:
    • 2.5 gg x2
    • 3gg
    • 5gg x2
    • 7gg
    • 8gg x3
    • 10gg x1
  • Parvalux Yarn Cone Winder
  • 1 hand ball winders
  • 1 Steam Iron

Students must provide their own weights, transfer tools, needle pushers and blank punch cards. The knitting studio has shelves of free yarn available for student use.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops are faculty-supervised session for students currently enrolled in Machine Knitting classes.

Machine Knitting Studio Calendar