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Open to: all students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes
Parsons East Building, 25 E 13th St, Room 309   •   Monday 11am - 2:30pm, 3:30pm- 7pm | Tuesday 9am - 7pm | Wednesday 9am - 8pm | Thursday 11am - 3pm, 4pm - 8pm | Friday 9 am-11am, 1pm- 8 pm

Academic Year 2023-24 Update

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Lighting Design Students + Faculty access: individuals are given building hours access via scan card to the space if  they have completed the stepladder training.

Non-Lighting Design Students access: during open hours when a student worker or a technician is present. Step ladder training is not required for this access BUT if ladder use is desired, the step ladder training must be completed. 

Please note: A new technician for this area started at the beginning of October, we are also working to hire new student employees. As a result of not being fully staffed our open hours are limited. We are also aren’t fully up and running- systems and workflow are being updated. We really appreciate your patience while we get things up and running! Feel free to email us with any questions,

Mandatory Orientation

Step ladder training is required to use the step ladder in the lab.

Reservation / Use Protocol

Faculty may request time to be reserved in the lab for the purposes of demoing equipment or processes with their students by filling out this form.

Request must be submitted 1 week prior to requested date.

If you are more than 15 mins late you will forfeit your reservation
Staff check this form regularly, you will receive an email follow up from a staff member to schedule and discuss what is possible.

Not sure of your needs? Email

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