E4 Wood Shop


E4 Metal Shop

E4 Tool Checkout, E4 Material Store, E4 Open Work Space

Open to: all students
Parsons East Building, 25 E 13th St, 4th floor   •   Monday - Friday: 9AM- 7:30 PM*, Saturday - Sunday: 10AM - 5:30PM. (*may change on schedule)

Academic Year 2023-24 Update

For Shop Hours, please visit:

E4 Tool Checkout and Material Store Hours

For all purchasing needs, please visit: E4 Material Store

Fine Art Open Studios – March 7th, 6pm-9pm (SHOPS CLOSED)

All E4 Facilities (Wood, Metal, and Tool Checkout) will close at 4 pm Thursday, Mar 7th for BFA/MFA Open Studios.  Normal hours will resume at 9 am Friday, Mar 8th.


Beginning of Semester: Updates

  • E4 Material Store will be offline until Wednesday, Jan 21st, 5pm.  Please plan accordingly
  • E4 Tool Checkout Pick-Up/Drop Off policies has been  updated. Please see updates below in “About the Lab”


About the E4 Tool Checkout, E4 Material Store, E4 Open Work Space

Open Work Space is available to all students and is located on the 4th floor of 25 East 13th Street. The space is prioritized for students where work can be observed and created collaboratively, encouraging students to experiment within the boundaries of theory and practice. The Open Work Space is adjacent to the Laser Cutting Lab, Metal Shop, and Wood Shop. This space is lightly supervised, thus we ask students to be attentive to the needs and wishes of those around them while working.

Available equipment includes Hand Tools, Power Tools, Cutting Tools, Measuring Tools, Upholstery Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Clamps, etc.

Students are fully responsible for the care of Making Center equipment while it is in their possession.  If equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen, the student is financially responsible for the repair or replacement of that equipment.

Open Work Area:

  • The Butcher Block tables are the only work surfaces in the open work area.  The walkway through this area is an egress zone. Working or laying out material in the pathway is prohibited by Fire Code.
  • This space is a limited resource used by hundreds of students. For this reason, there is no storage of student work or material in the Open Work Area. Any material left unattended overnight will be thrown out the following day.
  • Sanding and high risk powertools (ex. Routers, Circular saws, Domino Jointers) may not be used in the open spaces, but instead inside the shops.
  • Faculty and students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves when they have completed their work.  

Tool Check Out:

  • Tools from Tool Checkout can only be returned when Tool Checkout is open. 
  • Tools that have been checked out are the responsibility of the borrower from the time they check it out to the time they are checked in by a student worker at Tool Checkout. 
  • In an attempt to dissuade students from leaving tools on the counters beside tool checkout anyone who has left tools out more then once will have a hold put on their account. 


  • No mixing or pouring of any additive processes in E4 sinks. This could lead to clogs
  • No casting within the E4 Open Work Area (Plaster, Cement etc). Please use the Wetshop.




E4 Tool Checkout, E4 Material Store, E4 Open Work Space Calendar