Laser Lab

3D Print Lab

Open to: all students who have taken the mandatory orientation
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, 2nd Floor   •   Monday-Friday 10:30am-6pm // Saturday-Sunday 11:30am-7pm

Academic Year 2023-24 Update

Spring 2024 hours will be Mon-Friday 10:30am-6pm and Sat-Sunday 11:30am-7pm.

Welcome to the 3D Lab.  To use the lab you must:

  1. Complete a Mandatory Orientation, located in Canvas (please see below). (Do this once, before you ever use the lab)
  2. Book a Technician Consultation (Do this every time you need to use the lab)

If you have questions about 3DLab access email


Mandatory Orientation

Students and faculty are required to complete an orientation before using the lab. Working knowledge of CAD is necessary.

The 3D Lab is now offering online orientations via the Canvas platform (sign into the “Making Center Trainings and Authorization” course in Canvas using your NetID/password, go to the Modules section, and complete the “3D Lab (Digital Tools)” module.)

Once you have completed the quiz and filled in the form at the end you have immediate access to the lab. Remember, you must still book a consultation every time you want to use the lab.


  • Interested in class orientations: The lab does not offer class orientation however we do offer a limited amount of lab introductions, which take about thirty minutes. During the introduction we briefly go over all aspects of the lab, this is not a training period. Because the lab is busy we cannot guarantee every class this accommodation. Faculty are expected to attend the introduction and take the orientation ahead of time. Please give us one to two weeks advance notice so we can clear the calendar. To request a lab introduction email the lab at
  • Interested in mobile 3D printing class cart: We now have a mobile cart with a Prusa 3D printer on it that you can bring to your class to use for a demo. Please email the lab at to learn more.

Technician Consultation

After you have completed the orientation you must schedule a consultation each time you want to print. You must have a finished 3D model (.stl or .obj) before making a consultation. Creating, editing, or repairing of 3D models is the responsibility of the student. A consultation is a 30 minute meeting where we will:

  • Check over your 3D model
  • Discuss material/printer options
  • Pay for the material (if you are bringing your own material, please read this document)
  • Export your file ready to be printed
  • Add you to the printing waitlist

Note: Consultations do not guarantee the immediate start of your print. Your print will be added to a waitlist and processed in order of submission.

Please also make a consultation if you are interested in using one of the 3D scanners.


Project Submission Queue

Projects are processed in the order they are received. Please check the log below for current status.

About the 3D Print Lab

The 3D Print Lab is a Making Center workspace dedicated to creative exploration using various 3D technologies. The lab consists of a range of technological equipment including; 3D modeling software, 3D scanners, and 3D printers.

We DO NOT accept prints that exceed 24 hours in print time.

We are NOT a self service lab. Please do not touch or operate the 3D printers. Do not remove prints from the 3D printer beds after hours or else you will be banned for the semester!

Featured Equipment and Tools

  •  Structure 3D Scanner
  •  Form 3
  •  Prusa i3 MK3S+
  •  EinScan H Handheld Scanner
  •  EinScan-SP Desktop Scanner