Laser Lab

3D Print Lab

Open to: all students who have taken the mandatory orientation
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, 2nd Floor   •   Mon-Friday 10-6pm Sat-Sun 11-7pm

Academic Year 2021-22 Update

Welcome to the 3D Lab.  If you need to book an orientation, first time users, or set up a consultation please scroll down and locate the appropriate red button. 

If you have questions about 3DLab access email 


Mandatory Orientation

Students and faculty are required to complete an orientation before using the lab. Working knowledge in CAD is necessary.

The 3D Lab is now offering online orientations via the Canvas platform.  Sign into the “Making Center Trainings and Authorization”, big red button below, course in Canvas using your NetID/password. After the Canvas training is finished take time to design your first model in CAD. After the model is finished book a consultation, another red button below, to finish the hands-on portion of your 3D lab orientation. We recommend doing the hands-on portion when you have a project that requires the use 3D technology, like a class assignment or prototyping a new design.


Remote Help Desk

Our apologies the Help Desk is closed for the summer. Please sign up for a consultation.

Need advice on DIY making at home? Have any general questions, or interest in the Making Center Digital Tools (CNC, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Physical Computing)? Drop-in on the Digital Tools Help Desk via Zoom.

Click on the button below for access and available hours.

Technician Consultation

Schedule a consultation for any of the following:

  • Print a 3D model
  • Submit a file to print
  • Check out a 3D scanner
  • Gain access to the 3D Lab
  • Meet with a 3D Technician via Zoom

*Please only schedule a consultation if you’ve completed your orientation. Note that consultation approvals are pending until orientation is confirmed.

Project Submission Queue

Projects are processed in the order they are received. Please check the log below for current status.

About the 3D Print Lab

The 3D Print Lab is a Making Center workspace dedicated to creative exploration using various 3D technologies. The lab consists of a range of technological equipment including; 3D scanners, haptic modeling devices, and 3D printers. *Creating, editing, or repairing of 3D models is the responsibility of the student.

Learn, Fix and Prepare your STL File

Remember to check that your .STL files are error-free. Knowledge of CAD, 3D rendering or manufacturing programs is advisable (i.e. Solidworks, Rhino, Maya).

Material Store

Some processes have related material costs. Please check with a technician to understand your options.


The below information does not apply to the 20/21 academic year.


Ready to Print? STL in working order? GCODE Ready? Walk IN for SELF-service.
Mon-Fri: 10:30 – 6:30 / Sat-Sun: 11:30 – 6:30

Walk-In for self-service!

Print Hour Limit for self-service printers: 20hr MAX

Do not start your print after hours.
You will be banned for the semester!

Featured Equipment and Tools

  •  Ultimaker 2+ Extended
  •  Markforged Mark Two
  •  Objet260 Connex3
  •  Form 2
  •  uPrint 3D Printer
  •  Structure 3D Scanner