Parsons MAKES!

What Basic Workshops are running this week and where? What do I need to bring with me?

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What is Parsons MAKES?

PARSONS MAKES! is a school-wide pilot program of workshops available to students across all Parsons schools and programs. The goal of these workshops, after taking the safety orientations, are to get you into the many Making Center shops and labs and actually MAKE something with the materials, methods, and equipment available to you! 

After our remote semesters, this timing presented the perfect opportunity to get this going! 

This Fall (21), we will start with a series of 6-8 Basic Workshops that will run 40 sessions. These will hopefully expand to include Intermediate/Advanced Workshops in the Spring. These Basic Workshops are a hands-on, exploratory space to learn the very basics of what our shops/labs are capable of making. 


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Who can Attend?       What is a Basic Workshop?       How do I Attend?       What is Being Offered?

Are these Workshops for you? - YES!

  • I’m just excited to try a method or tool and haven’t had the opportunity in my classes so far
  • I’m a sophomore who normally would be introduced to these labs/shops methods in FY curriculum but missed them due to the remote school year
  • I’m a junior or senior who had an intro to these First year but have forgotten the basics after a year remote and just want to brush up again
  • I’m a student who is excited about a process, tool, or method but my program doesn’t offer it and/or I couldn’t get into an elective that encapsulates it
  • I’m worried I will be “behind” going into my sophomore year because I missed using the Making Center last year (P.S. you aren’t behind! Learning is a process and this is all just part of it for you)
  • I’m excited to meet and learn with students from different programs
  • I’m a First Year student…these Basic workshops will be available to you in future semesters! Check back in the Spring 2022!

What are the Basic Workshops?

WHAT: During the 3 hour Basic Workshops, each student will complete the process of making something ‘basic’ using specific tools/equipment from our Shops/Labs and materials from our MC store. You will also leave with a step-by-step guide of what you just did as reference for future use of the Making Center. 

WHEN: This Fall, they will likely take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays over 10 weeks (outside of the start and end of semester rush!). 

WHERE: We are currently developing Basic Workshops that explore these shops and labs:

  • N2 Shop – basic woodwork – use of bandsaw, sanders, drills, to make a wood object
  • Laser Lab – set up and cut/etch a simple illustrator file from multiple materials
  • Graphics Lab – set up files and understand how to print on different printers 
  • Wet Lab – prep and pour plaster cast of a simple object
  • Domestic Sewing Machine – thread machines, learn basic stitches, and make/sew a simple object
  • UC Industrial Sewing Machine – understand the industrial machine to sew with heavier materials to make a form

CHECK BACK SOON for more details and specifics of what is being offered!

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HOW: How will I be informed of when and which of these workshops are happening each week?

  • Your specific Program/School newsletter
  • Parsons Instagram #parsonsmakes
  • This Website!
  • Parson’s School-Wide emails and Announcements: ParsonsNews

I’m excited to attend a Basic Workshop, now what?

Where do I sign up?

For the Fall, the attendance will be on the first-come-first-serve basis until the workshop is at capacity. If workshops are running back-to-back sessions, any student who did not get into the first session will have first chance at the next session.

Are there any Prerequisites to attend?

These Basic Workshops are a hands-on, non- threatening space to learn the very basics of what our shops/labs are capable of, therefore there will be very few prerequisites to attend

The most important prerequisites to attend and complete will be the Safety Orientations for the Shops and Labs associated with your Basic Workshop. These are located in the Making Center Trainings & Authorizations Canvas Modules: 

  • Making Center General Orientation (All asic Workshops require this)
  • Orientations associated with the Basic Workshop you are attending examples: N2 General Shop // Tier 1 wood orientation, Wet Shop: Casting, Domestic Sewing Machine, Laser Lab (Digital Tools), and UC: Juki Industrial Plainstitch Orientation.

OTHER prerequisites? These will be minimal and updated as the workshops develop. Examples might include, bringing an illustrator file or scanning a sketchbook page. These Basic Workshops are an INTRODUCTORY space after all!


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Which Basic Workshops are being offered?


N2 SHOP: Intro to Woodworking: A simple wooden box

Learn to measure, cut, and assemble a simple wooden box. You will get comfortable using the bandsaw, drill press, disc sander, drill gun, and combination square in the N2 shop.

Prerequisite to attend: 1. Making Center General Orientation 2. Canvas N2 shop Safety Orientation


LASER LAB: Intro to Laser Cutting and Engraving

Learn how to laser cut and assemble a finger joint wood box by properly setting up Adobe Illustrator for Laser Lab. Practice engraving a photo on wood & acrylic.

Prerequisite to attend: 1. Making Center General Orientation 2. Canvas Laser Lab Safety Orientation


WET LAB: Intro to Plaster Casting Workshop

This workshop offers instruction in the practical aspects of mold making and casting. Students are introduced to simple plaster molds. Learn how to mix plaster properly, cast into rubber molds, and experiment with simple life casting techniques using aliginate and plaster. Walk away with an exact plaster cast replica of a piece of fruit, your fingers, hand or toes!

Prerequisite to attend: 1. Making Center General Orientation 2. Canvas Wet Lab Safety Orientation


SEWING (Domestic Machine): Getting to Know the Domestic Sewing Machine

Learn to use the portable Singer domestic sewing machine and make a personalized drawstring tote! Practice threading the machine + bobbin, understand and apply the basics of stitches, and feel comfortable with the particulars of the machine’s basic functions and parts to sew what you want as well as problem-solve when it jams!

Prerequisite to attend: 1. Making Center General Orientation 2. Canvas Sewing (Domestic) Safety Orientation


SEWING (UC  Industrial Machines): Intro to the Industrial Sewing Machine Workshop

Learn to use the Juki Industrial straight stitch sewing machine by making a durable, lined, canvas tote!

Prerequisite to attend: 1. Basic Workshop: Getting to Know the Domestic Sewing Machine or competence in Sewing (Domestic Machine) 2. Canvas UC: Juki Industrial Plainstitch Safety Orientation


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Common Questions

Do These Workshops replace the Shop and Lab Orientations?

The PARSONS MAKES! workshops do NOT replace the required Shop/Lab Orientations. The purpose of our current Shop/Lab orientations is to review health and safety aspects of the tools and labs. The Basic Workshops will act as a companion to the Shop/Lab Orientations by reiterating/reinforcing what was learned as well as expand to become more specific around the making that can happen within these shops and labs!

Will there be Intermediate/Advanced Workshops?

Intermediate/advanced  Workshops will be introduced in the Spring. These are a place where the more granular knowledge of our faculty and techs can be shared within the context of deepening the capabilities of what is possible within our shops/labs as well as more specific techniques and methods!

Over the next few years, the goal is to run the Basic workshops each semester as well as a rotation of the intermediate/advanced workshops.