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Motion Capture Studio

Open to: all students enrolled in the prerequisite class
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 66 5th Ave, Basement   •  

Academic Year 2021-22 Update

We are open by appointment only this Spring.

Mandatory Orientation

Due to social distancing requirements, there will be limited orientations. Information about orientation availability will be communicated shortly.

Technician Consultation

Reservation / Use Protocol

  1. Please follow the building selection and testing steps outlined in the access protocol carefully.
  2. Make a Technician Consultation.
  3. Request a seat at least 48 hours in advance of coming to campus. After scheduling a technician consultation (or sometimes even during one), request a seat via in the relevant area.

Thank you for your patience and understanding! Please email us at if you have any questions.

About the Motion Capture Studio

The Still Picture & Motion Capture Studio is equipped with an OptiTrack mo-cap system and a retractable 12′ wide seamless background holder. The studio allows for a range of digital production including virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, video game design, digital animation, dynamic projection mapping, data visualization, live performance, and photography. Photographic equipment includes ProFoto strobes and base grip equipment, such as: c-stands, grip arms, umbrellas, and gray, white, and black seamless.

Please Note: Only students enrolled in certain classes will have access at this time. All students working in the space will have to go through an orientation session and a one-on-one training workshop as well as the completion of several homework assignments (with a technician) before they can book the studio. Pop-up studio kits are available for check-out to students through the ERC. The pop-up studio kit includes a background stand and the choice of a white or black backdrop. Students can additionally reserve a variety of continuous lights and full-frame DSLRs.




Featured Equipment and Tools

  •  AC Strobe Light Kit


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