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Shoemaking Studio

Open to: all students enrolled in the prerequisite class
University Center, 63 Fifth Ave, 5th floor   •  

Academic Year 2022-23 Update

The Shoe Lab is open to students enrolled in shoe making courses during class time and faculty monitored open hours.


Open Task Time Spring 2022:

Monday & Tuesday – 12pm to 3:35pm

Wednesday – Friday – 12pm to 5:45pm

About the Shoemaking Studio

Open only to students enrolled in shoe making courses

The Shoemaking Studio is located in room 517 of the University Center.

Machines currently available include*:

  • Butcher-block worktables w/ cutting mats
  • Lasting posts
  • 2 plain stitch industrial sewing machines (for shoe work only)
  • 2 post machines (for shoe work only)
  • 3-in-1-Cutter & Press

Additional machines available during class time include:

  • Edge Skiver
  • Drill press
  • Heel press
  • Mini bench top grinder
  • Supreme 220 Sander
  • Sentry Downdraft Table (for glue application and curing)

*Students and faculty members are also able to use alternative locations and equipment listed below to complete any ongoing projects:

Additional post machines: U518 Sewing Specialty Room, U429/430 Open Studio
-Additional Ironing Station: U518 Sewing Specialty Room, U429/430 Open Studio

-Additional Shoe Lasting Posts and Butcher Block tables: U431, U509, U511 (available when classes are not being held in the listed spaces )

-Edge Skiver: Available in U518 when accompanied by a faculty or after completing the required orientation.
Sander: Sanders available a N2 Wood Shop, FOR LEATHER AND WOOD ONLY, no shoe adhesives, or material with adhesives on it, is allowed.



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