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L9 Textiles Studio & Dye Lab

Open to: all students who have taken the mandatory orientation
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, L902/903   •   PLEASE SEE CALENDAR BELOW

Academic Year 2023-24 Update


Mandatory Orientation

  • The Textiles + Dye Lab orientation is completely on Canvas.
  • Students and faculty are required to complete the Making Center General orientation and the Textiles Studio and Dye Lab orientation to use the space. This includes students in a Textiles course.
  • Technicians are not responsible for teaching techniques, advising on materials, or troubleshooting projects.
  • Failure to adhere to policies and safety standards may result in limited usage of the lab.



Reservation / Use Protocol

Faculty Reservations

Faculty who wish to host students in the L9 Textiles and Dye Lab can email to make a reservation.

    • Please note the following considerations: 
      • In order to avoid schedule conflicts and ensure the best experience for your students, please give us as much notice as possible.
      • We are unable to offer access to the labs during regularly scheduled classes (see calendar below)
      • Students and faculty will only be allowed to use approved materials (see prohibited material list below) in the studio.
    • Please include the following information in your inquiry:
      • Total number of students attending
      • Which techniques will be demonstrated
      • Any requests for tools or materials

Floor Looms

    • Students who would like to use a floor loom outside of courses may do so by following our Loom Reservation Protocol.
    • To reserve a loom, students must be prepared to work independently.
      • Students must have previous experience weaving and/or firm knowledge of the process, including: project planning, threading, and floor loom weaving.
      • Students will need to discuss projects with a member of the textiles team. Once approved, students may begin the 6 week reservation. 



About the L9 Textiles Studio & Dye Lab

The following are available for on-campus use only:

L902 Textiles Studio

  • Umbrella swift, ball winders, bobbin winder
  • Carding Station
  • Industrial 36″ and 72″ FeltLOOMs
  • Handheld felting guns
  • Seven 4-harness Schacht Baby Wolf floor looms (for students with prior weaving experience)
  • Three 8-harness Macomber floor looms (for students with prior weaving experience)
  • Warping mill and warping boards
  • Industrial Vacuum Iron
  • Singer Domestic Sewing Machine

L903 Dye Lab

  • Stainless Steel Work tables
  • Sinks
  • Heat presses
  • Induction Burners
  • Sentry Ductless Fume Hood (for particulates)
  • Dye pots (various sizes)
  • Steam baskets
  • Stainless steel and glass measuring cups + spoons
  • Stainless steel + glass bowls
  • Plastic buckets
  • Various wet process tools
  • Drying racks

Available to check out for up to 7 days:

  • Carding paddles
  • Drop spindles
  • Mini laser-cut frame looms w/ tapestry tools
  • Embroidery hoops
  • Crochet hook sets
  • Knitting needle sets
  • Plastic buckets for dyes

Dyelab Dress Code:

  • Gloves must be worn when handling dyes and/or chemicals



L9 Textiles Studio & Dye Lab Calendar

Safety Requirements

  • All students must wear a dust mask.

    Required Dust Mask

  • All students must wear protective footwear. No open-toe shoes, heels, or sneakers allowed.

    Required Protective Footwear

  • Hair must be tied back at all times.

    Hair Must Be Pulled Back

  • All students must wear safety gloves.

    Required Gloves