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Printmaking Studio

Open to: all students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, Lower Level   •  

Academic Year 2020-21 Update

Closed till Further Notice

Mandatory Orientation

Due to social distancing requirements, there will be limited orientations for Summer 2021. Information about orientation availability will be communicated shortly.


If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by contacting us here:

Technician Consultation

If you would like to request a space reservation, please follow the building selection and testing steps outlined the access protocol, and schedule a technician consultation using the link below.

During your consultation, the technician will speak with you about your project, direct you to the best resources to support your work, and assist you in requesting your space reservation in LibCal. The technician can also help you reserve additional tools you may need for your days on campus via Tool Checkout.

Workstation Reservation

Once you have met with a technician, please request your on campus workstation reservation at least 48 hours in advance of coming to campus.

To meet social distancing needs we have 5 designated spaces:

  • 1 for Lithography
  • 1 for Etching
  • 1 for the Vandercook
  • 2 stations for Silkscreening

These stations should only be used for printing. All pre-print work should be done before your appointment at the print shop. You will only have access to one print station during your appointment which is granted for the entire open hours of the print shop.

Project Submission / Pick-up Appointment

In an effort to facilitate making this semester, we will be allowing students:

  • Screen coating and exposure. In addition to our normal screen access use within the shop, we are allowing for students to drop off their own film along with their own preapproved screens to be coated and exposed free of charge. This service is offered for all students, the only requirement is they must first request an appointment slot consultation with a technician. Screens must be no larger than 24 x 36. Film may be purchased for this process.
  • Exposure of photolithography plates.
  • Exposure of solar etching plates.
  • Etching of copper plates in ferric acid.
  • Silkscreen Rental Request Form 

Did you leave work in the Printmaking Studio and need to pick it up?

Email us at

About the Printmaking Studio

To meet social distancing needs there is only one reservation per day for one student working with the supervision of a technician. The equipment that can be accessed are: Vandercook, Platen Press. Nipping Press and the Guillotine. These stations should only be used for printing, pressing and cutting.

Featured Equipment and Tools

  • Tool Checkout Request
  • Tool Checkout Guide

Printmaking Studio Calendar

Safety Requirements

  • Latex gloves are required for specific processes.

    Latex Gloves

  • Hair must be tied back at all times.

    Hair Must Be Pulled Back