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Printmaking Studio

Open to: all students enrolled in the prerequisite class
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, Basement   •  

Academic Year 2024-25 Update

PRINTSHOP CLOSED for SUMMER 24 *access only for Parsons CPE Printmaking students*
*Please email if you need to pick up items from the end of year show

*Individuals utilizing the Printshop + Book Arts Facilities must abide by the Printshop + Book Arts Conduct Agreement*

Questions or concerns: email

Special Project Consultation Request     (students only)

Students interested in pursuing materials or processes that are outside of normal Book Arts + Printshop Studio protocols must fill out the Printshop + Book Arts Consultation Request Form. Once this form has been completed, a technician will schedule a meeting to discuss the project further. The project must be fully approved by the Printshop + Book Arts staff before proceeding.

Mandatory Orientation


General Orientation Information

  • Orientations are offered in the SILKSCREEN AREA only of the Printshop and anyone within the New School community wishing to utilize this equipment must complete and/or get recertified EVERY semester in order to gain access. (no exceptions)
  • All other equipment use in the Printshop + Book Arts studios requires current enrollment in a class.
  • Completing this orientation allows students to work in Silkscreen during Open Studio Hours only.
  • Semester-long silkscreen rentals are available through the printshop and rented screens as well as studio equipment must remain in the Printshop at all times.
  • At the end of each semester, each screen rental must be completely cleaned of ink and emulsion and returned to a technician for final approval.
  • Only water-based or acrylic inks are allowed in Silkscreen. No plastisol or oil-based inks are permitted. Newsprint is provided and a number of printmaking papers and silkscreen base are sold on our school store.
  • Any fabrics students wish to print on should be purchased and brought in during their work time.
  • There is no additional storage available for Open Studio students in the Printshop.
  • Students may only rent 1 screen per semester and should only use the screen assigned to them.


If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by contacting us here:

About the Printmaking Studio

Below you will find a brief overview of our space. For more detailed information please see the current Code of Conduct for our spaces and for further questions email:

The Printshop is a part of the Making Center; functioning both as open work space and classroom. Students are required to take a course or attend an orientation to utilize the Printmaking/Book Arts spaces.

The Printmaking + Book Arts Studios are community studios in which members work alongside one another sharing space and equipment. It is important that users are conscious of treating others with respect and dignity and uphold the tenets of our Shared Community Agreement.

Members of the New School community who have access to the Printshop are:

● Students enrolled in an accredited class
● Students who have taken and or renewed their silkscreen certification
● Faculty (there are different regulations that apply to faculty use of the space)
● Staff (there are different regulations that apply to staff use of the space)

All processes require current and/or completed courses OR orientation to complete.

Alumni access is not offered at the Printshop.

Access can be limited depending on student conduct in the lab and other spaces in the Making Center.

Guests are allowed to stay in the open workspace but are not allowed access to the presses, equipment, and check-out items. Guests may be asked to leave if the attendance capacity is reached.

Open Hours
Open hours for the Printshop are posted in the space as well as regularly updated on our Studio Google Calendar. Open hours dictate when the equipment and resources are available for checkout and use. The Printshop does not have any overnight checkout items. Working in the Printshop during class periods is not allowed.

Students must finish printing and cleaning at least 10-15 minutes before closing, and students should leave at or before closing time. Requiring staff to stay late may result in disciplinary action.

Reservations Policy
Members of the New School community who have access to the shop can make a reservation for an etching press, Vandercook press, or lithography press. Screenprint stations are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservations should be made directly with studio technicians or student workers.

Limitations to reservations are as follows :
● Members can only make one reservation at a time
● Minimum of 30 minutes
● Maximum of 2 hours
● Can only be made during the Fall and Spring semesters

Waitlist Policy

If the capacity of 20 people working in the Printshop is reached, a waitlist will be started. Sign-up is in person. People on the waitlist are called in order verbally outside of the shop when a station of their choice is available. Failing to respond to a call will not immediately kick you off the list; the next person in-line will be called, leaving you at the top of the list. 

Please ask a technician on duty for the length of the list. 

The waitlist does not guarantee you a space on the same date. We strongly encourage reservations for a different date in the event of a waitlist.

In the event of a waitlist, any faculty working in the space will need to leave and come back another time. Students completing coursework during busy times in the semester take priority.

Finals Policy 

Faculty are not permitted use the Printshop or Book Arts during Open Studio hours the final two weeks of the semester. 

Featured Equipment and Tools


Printmaking Studio Calendar

Safety Requirements

  • Hair must be tied back at all times.

    Hair Must Be Pulled Back

  • All students must wear protective footwear. No open-toe shoes, heels, or sneakers allowed.

    Required Protective Footwear

  • All students must wear safety gloves.

    Required Gloves