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Book Arts Studio

Open to: all students enrolled in the prerequisite class
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 66 5th Ave, M100   •  

Academic Year 2023-24 Update

Please note that Monday Open Studio hours will now be 3pm – 6:30pm for the remainder of the semester.

SPRING 2024 OPEN HOURS Here’s the schedule.

*Individuals utilizing the Printshop + Book Arts Facilities must abide by the Printshop + Book Arts Conduct Agreement*

Questions or concerns: email


Special Project Consultation Request

Students interested in pursuing materials or processes that are outside of normal Book Arts + Printshop Studio protocols must fill out the Printshop + Book Arts Consultation Request Form. Once this form has been completed, a technician will schedule a meeting to discuss the project further. The project must be fully approved by the Printshop + Book Arts staff before proceeding.


If you have any questions or concerns please let us know by contacting us here:

About the Book Arts Studio

Below you will find a brief overview of our space. For more detailed information please see the current Code of Conduct for our spaces and for further questions email:

The Book Arts Studio is a part of the Making Center; functioning both as open work space and classroom. Students are required to take a course or attend an orientation to utilize the Printmaking/Book Arts spaces.

The Printmaking + Book Arts Studios are community studios in which members work alongside one another sharing space and equipment. It is important that users are conscious of treating others with respect and dignity and uphold the tenets of our Shared Community Agreement.

At this time, the Book Arts Studio is open to students that are currently enrolled in a Book Arts course. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to one of our technicians.



Featured Equipment and Tools


Book Arts Studio Calendar

Safety Requirements

  • Hair must be tied back at all times.

    Hair Must Be Pulled Back

  • All students must wear safety gloves.

    Required Gloves

  • All students must wear protective footwear. No open-toe shoes, heels, or sneakers allowed.

    Required Protective Footwear