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Laser Lab

L3 CNC Machine Shop

Open to: all students who have taken the mandatory orientation
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 2 W 13th St, 3rd floor   •  

Academic Year 2020-21 Update

Notice: Please email the lab at for summer access….

This facility is available for project submissions only until further notice. Students who have gone through orientation and who are authorized for access may submit work digitally to be produced for pick-up.

Updated February 2021: Although in person orientations are not available, students now have the opportunity to complete online orientations via the Canvas portal. See below for more information.

Students who were oriented in the past will retain access (see eligibility and requirements).

Mandatory Orientation

Students and faculty are required to complete an orientation before using the lab. Working knowledge in CAD is necessary.

The L3 CNC Shop is currently offering online orientations for students to gain access to submission based use of the shop. Sign into the “Making Center Trainings and Authorization” course in Canvas using your NetID/password, go to the Modules section, and complete the “CNC Shops (Digital Tools)” module.

Please note that completion of the general Making Center orientation is not required for project submission, but is required for all students who plan to use on-campus spaces.

Remote Help Desk

Our apologies the Help Desk is closed for the summer. Please sign up for a consultation.

For new or returning students without existing authorization and/or interested in DIY Making, we offer our Digital Tools Help Desk to address any questions, concerns, and advice.

Help Desk is Live! Help Desk offers open Zoom hours for any student wishing to drop in with questions related to Digital Tools shops and/or DIY Making.

Click on the button below for access and available hours.

Technician Consultation

All authorized students intending to use shop resources must schedule a Technician Consultation. Prior to your consultation, you must complete this form.

Materials may be available for purchase, and can be discussed during the consultation process.  


Save 3D files as .stl and save 2D files as either .ai ; .dwg ; .dxf

After consulting with a technician, your cut file will be processed in the shop by the staff. A technician will then contact you to arrange material pickup.

Reservation / Use Protocol

Once you have completed the orientation, you will need to plan for specific pre-CNC events before you may use the Shop. Consultations happen first, where you schedule a meeting with a technician to prepare files for CNC use.


If you want to request access to the Analog Machines fill out this form.

You will still be required to have a consultation after filling out the reservation request form, and access will be at the discretion of the Technician.

Project Submission Protocol

The shop is currently available to all students who have completed orientation. There will be future orientation offerings so stay tuned!

Projects are processed in the order they are received. Please check the log below for current status.

About the L3 CNC Machine Shop

CNC Machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools and machinery.  The CNC shop is equipped with various mills, routers, and lathes for use with wood (hardwood, softwood, MDF, plywood), foams, plastics, and machinable waxes. 

If faculty members plan on assigning CNC specific projects, please reach out to CNC Shop to coordinate.


All files MUST be in inch units!

2D Toolpaths

  • Are my vectors closed curves?(for pockets) No overlapping segments? No duplicates?
  • Have I saved my vectors as a .ai; .dwg; .dxf?
    • (may choose any one of these options)
    • No hatches on your files

3D Toolpaths

  • Are my meshes solid?
  • Does my model have undercuts?
  • If so, acknowledge that those will not be cut
  • Have I saved my mesh form as a .stl?
  • Have I accurately measured my stock material?
    • (length/width may be measured by ruler/tape measure; thickness must be measured by digital caliper to 0.001” tolerance)

CNC Closed Schedule

Refer to this schedule for times the shop is closed for open use.
This would include open time to use the analog machines & the casting room. You will still need to sign up for a consultation if you plan on using the CNC equipment.



Foam Wood/Foam/Plastic

Featured Equipment and Tools

  •  ShopBot PRS_Alpha CNC Router 4′ x 8′
  •  ShopBot Desktop CNC Router 24″ x 18″
  •  Roland MDX-540 4th-axis Rotary Mill
  •  Clausing Manual Lathe
  •  Enco Manual Machining Lathe
  •  Grizzly Manual Vertical Mill
  •  Wellsaw Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Tool / Equipment Checkout Request
  • Tool Checkout Guide

Safety Requirements

  • All students must wear ear protection.

    Required Ear Protection

  • All students must wear eye protection.

    Required Eye Protection