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L3 CNC Machine Shop

D12 Prototyping Shop

Open to: all students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes
Albert and Vera List Academic Center, 6 E 16th St, 12th floor   •   Mon-Fri 10-6pm

Academic Year 2024-25 Update

The last day to use the D12 lab will be May 15. The space will be closed for the summer. 

Due to low staffing, there will be no laser cutting consultations in D12 Shop the week of 3/25 – 3/29.
Please visit the E4 Laser Lab for your laser cutting needs.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

Spring 2024 hours will be Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

You must MAKE A CONSULTATION to access laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC equipment. Use the button below.

Purchase physical computing materials from the D12 Making Center Store.

If you would like to check out an iPad scanner please see the technician on shift.

The open access tool chest is located just inside the entrance of the lab. Tools within are available via the honor system and should be returned to their original location when no longer in use.  Some small components available for use are located directly on top of the tool chest or in the corner directly adjacent.

Mandatory Orientation

For access to the laser cutters, 3d printers, and CNC you MUST have done orientations in the Laser Lab, 3D Print Lab, and/or CNC Lab.

Technician Consultation

In order to use the lasers, 3d printers, or CNC you must make a consultation. At the moment, all consultations are in person. 

Current Submission Queue

About the D12 Prototyping Shop

This lab contains laser cutting, 3d printing, and CNC capabilities as well as space for soldering/physical computing projects and small-scale prototyping.

Note: Bed size of laser cutters is 24″ x 12″

Tools / Machines / Open Work Areas

  • Open work area for Physical Computing work with 4 x Weller WES51 Soldering machines
  • Open-use mixed hardware fabrication area
  • 2 x Prusa MK3S+ 3D Printers
  • 2 x Universal VLS 3.50 Desktop Laser Cutters
  • Othermill Pro Desktop CNC Machine
  • Roland MDX-40A Milling Machine