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N2 General Shop

Specialty Sewing Lab

Open to: all students who have had necessary training with equipment and processes
University Center, 63 Fifth Ave, Room 518, 5th Floor   •   Tool Checkout/Sewing Store pick up MON - FRI 1pm to 6pm - Located outside of room 504

Academic Year 2022-23 Update

PLEASE REPORT BROKEN MACHINES USING THE QR CODE LOCATED ON EVERY MACHINE TABLE. Reports are anonymous and take seconds to complete. Only machines that are reported are repaired.


GROUP MACHINE ORIENTATIONS NOW AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIMESign up must be made 24hrs in advance) Scroll for more information or sign up at our Calendar Link Below:


MACHINE RESERVATIONS NOW AVAILABLE  in Specialty Sewing Lab UC518 – ONLY for students who have been previously oriented  

Monday – Friday 10pm to 6pm (reservations must be made 24hrs in advance)

••• To reserve a machine you already know how to use, sign up at our Calendar Link Below:





  • The Sewing Store & Tool Checkout Center have been moved to a new location outside of room UC504.
  • Lab tours now available to faculty ONLY via links below!!!
  • *UPDATE* The Free Shelf is now located in Open Studio UC506:

*The Free Shelf  in UC506 is stocked with donated materials & scraps. Please stop by during open building hours to browse our selection. Additionally, we are always accepting donations of materials you no longer need! *Please note: Supplies are never guaranteed and are on a first-come first-serve basis.


  • Buy limited sewing supplies online and pick them up from the desk outside of 504 with your order number


**All classroom and open studios open during building open hours **

UC Sewing Construction Rooms:

  • 3rd Floor: 300
  • 4th Floor: 400, 402, 405, 406, 412, 417, 418, 428, 429/430, 431
  • 5th Floor: 500, 504, 506, 509, 510, 511, 515, 516
  • Open Studios: 429/430 & 506 
  • Labs: 518 – Specialty Sewing Lab, 517 – Shoe Lab *enrolled shoe students only



For information regarding demo materials, reporting broken machines, and general sewing room protocols, please refer to the Parsons BFA “Fall 2022 Making Center Information” email.

• To request rolling garment racks for your class, please contact your coordinator or program admin

• To schedule a 20-30 minute sewing lab tour for your class, please sign up using the calendar below:

Click here for Faculty ONLY Lab Tour Calendar



The Specialty Sewing Lab offers a wide variety of machine orientations & resources. Please scroll down the page for more information about the following resources and how to access them:

  • Mandatory Canvas Orientations
  • Technician Machine Consultations (currently unavailable)
  • Juki Plainstitch Canvas Orientation hand on quiz
  • Specialty Sewing Lab Machine Orientations (Group)
  • Featured Equipment & Threading Diagrams
  • Tutorials – Thread Buying Guide, Needle Guide, Ergonomic Cutting Techniques, etc.

Mandatory Orientation

Mandatory Canvas orientations must be completed prior to accessing any sewing tools & additional Canvas orientations, such as the Juki Plainstitch Canvas Orientation. Canvas Orientations are available for all users. 

Please complete the following orientations in order:

  • 1. Making Center General OrientationLearn how to access Making Center shops & labs
  • 2. UC Sewing General Orientation – Access and protocols for sewing classrooms, labs, and resources

Note: The Making Center General Orientation must be completed to gain access to all Making Center labs or shop specific orientations

Technician Consultation

In-Person Machine Consultations: CONSULTATIONS BECOME AVAILABLE WHEN THE ORIENTATION PERIOD ENDS, October 24th – November 18th

Consultations are offered as 30 minute in-person time slots for students to discuss their project needs as they relate to the requested machinery in the sewing lab with a technician. If you have machine specific questions, need a machine orientation on a specialty machine, or have questions regarding available resources that will require a longer discussion, we recommend making a consultation.

To schedule your consultation with a technician, please follow these steps:

  1.  Click on the Libcal Consultation Appointment Calendar (currently unavailable) button below to view available slots and choose a time.
  2. Please register and fill out the corresponding questions about your project.
  3. Arrive at the Sewing Lab (UC 518) 5 minutes before appointment time. *Please come prepared with all necessary materials. 

** If you need to reschedule or change your appointment, please cancel the appointment on Libcal


Reservation / Use Protocol

UC Juki Plainstitch Orientation  is available on Canvas

The Juki Plainstitch Orientation is comprised of a Canvas portion and a hands-on quiz to be completed in-person. After passing both sections, you’ll receive a sticker on your ID that grants access to checking out industrial machine kits.


  1. Complete canvas portion before scheduling hands-on quiz

  2. Use calendar link at the end of the canvas orientation to schedule in-person hands-on quiz

  3. Arrive during your scheduled time at the Sewing Lab (UC518) to take your quiz 

  4. Complete orientation & receive the passing code and a sticker for your ID


Specialty Machine Group Orientations: Available until October 21st!!! Sign up now!!!

Estimated time: 45 minutes – 1hr

  • Group orientations are hosted in-person on a recurring weekly basis for the first 5 weeks of the semester ONLY. Use the calendar link below to sign up for an orientation slot and arrive at the Specialty Sewing Lab (UC518) at least 5 minutes early. *If you are unable to attend, please cancel your slot on Libcal so that another student may sign up*

Available Orientations:

  • Plainstitch Hands-On Quiz : (2 students per session) ONLY for students who have already completed the Canvas Orientation. Hands-On quiz slots will continue throughout the year.
  • Overedge (Serger Purl) : (4 students per session) We’ll review threading and machine use on the Overlock, Serger, Purl (very similar machines), suited for finishing edges and seaming knit materials.
  • Coverstitch : (4 students per session) Industrial machine typically used for hemming knit materials, frequently seen on the hem of t-shirts.
  • Walking Foot (Leather sewing machine suite) : (6 students per session) We’ll review the industrial Walking Foot Flatbed & Cylinder suited to stitching leather & heavyweight materials.
  • Sonobond : (5 students per session) Industrial machine using ultrasonic waves (sounds waves/vibrations) to bond/weld materials with thermoplastic content.
  • Leather Skiver : (5 students per session) Industrial machine that uses a rotating knife to skive/thin the edge of a piece of leather (reduces bulk at seams).

Sign up for an orientation slot on our Orientation Calendar using the red button below.

About the Specialty Sewing Lab

The Specialty Sewing Lab is equipped with 25+ machines for garment finishing and special materials construction. It operates as an experimentation space for industrial machines, as well as a space where you can check-out tools and attend scheduled machine orientations. Please refer to the “Featured Equipment” tab below for a list of our machines and their accompanying resources; including things like threading diagrams & machine guides.

Technicians oversee the labs operations of tool check out, scheduled machine orientations, scheduled 30 minute consultations, the sewing store, machine maintenance, lab tours  and machine reservations for faculty led demonstrations. For all other requests please email

Additionally, the “Guides” tab below will help you work ergonomically, no matter where you are working this semester, and give you some helpful tools to support the best sewing outcomes with the least amount of stress.

Many industrial sewing machines require previous training and orientations to ensure safe usage to users & equipment. To get a better understanding of how the Specialty Sewing Lab operates, please complete the “UC Sewing” Orientation

No consumables (fabric, thread, extra needles) are provided. Please prepare yourself for your project by visiting  the thread buying guide.

Limited free materials such as donated hand tools, notions, and small cuts of fabric are available in the Specialty Sewing lab during open hours.

Featured Equipment


  • Self care is part of making great work. Don't hurt yourself!
  • Self care is part of making great work. Don't hurt yourself!
  • Review what thread to use for what purpose.
  • Review the four general stitch types, how they work, and which machines use them.
  • Review how to change colors so you can pull threads through.
    *It's also considerate to leave the machine threaded for the next person when you pack up your spools.
  • The needle types and sizes required for all of our industrial machines